Missioners of Christ

The Compasse Corporation maintains an informal affiliation with the Missioners of Christ, a Catholic Community and Apostolate which engages in discipleship ministry primarily through missionary work.  The Missioners have a permanent presence in Honduras, where they serve the poorest of the poor in the Diocese of Comayagua.  In the U.S., the Missioners of Christ and The Compasse Corporation share office space and some administrative resources so as to be better stewards of what God has given us.

A portion of the proceeds from all items published by The Compasse Corporation go to supporting this Community/Apostolate.  After covering production costs, The Missioners of Christ (a nonprofit organization) is the greatest financial benefactor of the sale of these materials.

In light of this affiliation, we do wish to offer one caveat, specifically in reference to the fictional material published by Compasse; the scenarios, thoughts, and propositions found in the Dominion series are in no way indicative of the beliefs and/or sentiments of the Missioners of Christ.  While both the Missioners of Christ and The Compasse Corporation strive to be in full submission to the Teachings of the Catholic Christian Church, we recognize that when one ventures into the Christian Apocalyptic Fiction genre, the potential for misunderstanding the intended message can be significant.  Though we do strive to make sure none of the concepts fall outside of proper and defined theology, we do wish to remind the reader... this is only fiction.

We would encourage you to learn more about the Missioners of Christ, and to prayerfully consider supporting this Community/Apostolate.

Missioners of Christ

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