Catholic Formation

Catholic Formation includes resources for teaching (catechesis), sharing/awakening the Faith (evangelization), active mentoring in living/passing on the Faith (Discipleship), and deeping one's personal Faith through prayer, reflection, and such.

As such, we offer here some Catholic Formation options for your consideration... both those published by Sacrata Dei Press, as well as others we have found to have merit.

Catholic Formation by Compasse

Got Faith? Apologetical Reflections for Catholic Youth

The "Got Faith Project" endeavors to be an engaging tool for catechesis, evangelization, and Discipleship for Highschool-aged youth.

While it has been created primarily as an adjunct to a Youth Ministry Discipleship/Mentoring program or Religious Education class, it can also serve as a stand-alone prayer-reflection and Faith-enhancement tool. The series takes the student from the most basic question, "Do I even believe God exists?" all the way through to "How can I best serve Christ in becoming the person He created me to Be?"

Taking the Young Disciple through life circumstances of two fictional high school students, the 'Got Faith' series seeks to bring real life situations to life which illustrate the central tenets of the Catholic Christian Faith, leading to a life lived fully and extraordinarily for Christ.

  • Got Faith Catholic Youth
    • Why Bother?

    • Does Believing Make a Difference?

    • [Reason]
    • In this first 'season', the Young Disciple is drawn out of his/her day-to-day lives, routines, and worldly views, to begin to ask the Big Questions have perhaps not considered. Whether a faithful Christian or a devout atheist, all have to eventually engage these questions; “How did this all get here?”, “Does life have any meaning?”, “Why did God create me and what is my purpose?” Popular secular “theories” will be shown for just that… being theories that do not fully answer the questions posed. Utilizing sound reason—which is often muffled and distorted by today’s culture and societal engineers—the Young Disciple is given a rational/philosophical foundation in the Natural Law which lays the groundwork for a Catholic Christian worldview… aka “The Real World”.

    • Through an eight week period, we demonstrate to the Young Disciple how scientific discoveries and Faith are not opposed; science studies the laws of nature, with God as the Author of those laws. Gaps in the “conventional thinking” in our society are exposed, to establish some basic groundwork in the search for God, moving on to the “case for Christ”, then closing out for the basis of the Catholic Church’s claim to be the One, Holy, Catholic, & Apostolic Church.

    • Coming March 2018!*

    • * unless Jesus returns before then, in which case the publication of this resource will most likely be suspended indeftinitely

  • Got Faith Catholic Youth
    • To Know Him is to Love Him

    • Catholic Christianity 101

    • [Faith]
    • The purpose of this second book is to teach the basic, core teachings of the Catholic Faith. Drawing its topics primarily from the Creed, the Young Disciple begins by learning of the Church and its role in preserving and teaching Truth, then moving into the essential teachings and mysteries of our Catholic Christian Faith. The groundwork developed with the Young Disciple at the completion of these first two units should provide them with a worldview/perspective that will be much more open to the following units (especially morality), as they will be seen to naturally flow from what they have already learned (how we should live is dictated by what we believe.)

    • Coming June 2018!*

  • Got Faith Catholic Youth
    • Live it Up!

    • Life in Heaven's Fast Lane

    • [Morality]
    • The purpose of the third book is to change behavior… especially dangerous behavior, whether physically, socially, or spiritually. Just as an alcoholic first needs to be “dried out” before he can start working on internal changes, so a person who is “addicted to the ways of the world” needs to stop the worldly behaviors first, so they can objectively step back and look at them from a “sober” perspective. Based off of Pascal’s Wager, where he challenges a non-believer to live a year “as if” he has Faith, trusting that by the end of that year, God will grant the person the gift of Faith. Reason will continue to be paramount here, as the personal, inter-personal, and social ramifications of the non-Christian lifestyle will be addressed utilizing the natural law

    • Coming December 2018!*

  • Got Faith Catholic Youth
    • Plugging In!

    • Getting Connected with the Big Guy Upstairs

    • [Prayer/Holiness/Sacraments]





    • Coming June 2019!*

  • Got Faith Catholic Youth
    • Takin' it to the Streets!

    • God is Not a Secret to be Kept

    • [Evangelization/Mission]






    • Coming 2020!*

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