Mission with the Missioners of Christ

About the Missioners

The Missioners of Christ is a Catholic Community and Apostolate which engages in discipleship ministry primarily through missionary work. The Missioners have a permanent presence in Honduras, where they serve the poorest of the poor in the Diocese of Comayagua.

A Collaboration for the Kingdom

The Compasse Corporation/Sacrata Dei Press maintains an informal affiliation with the Missioners of Christ, sharing office space and some administrative resources so as to be better stewards of what God has given us

Financial Support

Sacrata Dei Press contributes More than 50% of the proceeds from sales of publications to the Missioners of Christ.

Formational Support

Sacrata Dei Press develops exclusive formation materials for the Missioners of Christ

Is God calling You?

We would encourage you to learn more about the Missioners of Christ, and to prayerfully consider supporting this Community/Apostolate.


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